Assouline - Conor McCreedy: Blue Sultan

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Assouline - Conor McCreedy: Blue Sultan

From its beginnings as an inconspicuous color, blue has evolved over time into a magic formula, a sensual experience that lures and calms, inspires dreaming and creates inner clarity. Looking at Conor McCreedy's paintings today, he plays with the nuances of just one color. By creating his own Mccreedyblue or Mccblue, the viewer is drawn in to experience the transformation of autonomous color from monochrome to abstract neo-expressionism.

This book invites readers to experience semi-recognizable and timeless landscapes inhabited by peculiar forms that embody the fragility of nature. An ode to his childhood in South Africa, these works are an attempt to face nature, which is full of mysteries and deep thoughts. Be in the now with that wild, mystical adventures of the unknown force of nature. Statements by prominent figures in the art world complement McCreedy's influential imagery.

Born in South Africa and living in Switzerland, British-Irish artist Conor Mccreedy is regarded as one of the pre-eminent creative minds of our time. His striking monochromatic paintings are in some of the world's most important private and institutional collections, with solo exhibitions in several major cities.
  • 208 pages
  • over 200 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released October 2022
  • W 27.8 x L 35.2 x D 4.5 cm
  • Linen binding in linen slipcase
  • ISBN: 9781649801180
  • 3.6kg

McCreedy defined a distinct monochromatic blue vocabulary in his work, as he began painting only in blue from an early age. Disciplined by a single color that focuses on the exploration of the material, the creative gesture and the spiritual connection between the artist and his work, he seeks to push visionary boundaries.

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