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  • When it comes to glamor and high-style on the high seas, there's nothing quite as captivating as the Aquarama. Designed by the legendary Carlo Riva, the wooden speedster has become an icon of Italian design, and that book edited by Assouline Riva Aquarama celebrates its 60th anniversary. Loved for its clean lines, mahogany finish, gleaming chrome detailing and signature Robin's egg blue and cream upholstery, the Aquarama reflected the optimism of the Italian dolce vita of the early '60s; It's impossible to imagine the sparkling Côte d'Azur and shores of Europe without visions of endless summers spent on the back of a boat basking in the warm summer sun and the gentle roar of the engine as the Aquarama slices through the surf.

    The Riva icon enjoyed mythical status and was beloved by film stars, heads of state and royalty - Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Gunter Sachs and the royal family of Monaco, as well as countless other luminaries, have all been entranced by the magic of Aquarama. Of the approximately 760 completed Aquaramas made at the Sarnico shipyard, Riva experts estimate that around 650 remain, only adding to the legendary status of the boat. But more than just a trophy, the Aquarama is dearly loved by her owners and enthusiasts alike - she's not just a boat, she's a dream come true. In this extraordinary tribute to the Aquarama, author Michael Verdon tells the story of the legendary boat and brings its dolce vita charm to life. The book is also offered in a special edition presented in a luxurious mahogany box designed to showcase the beauty of the Aquarama's magnificent hull.

  • 208 pages
  • over 200 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in September 2022
  • W 39.4 x L 47 x D 8 cm
  • Hardcover in a luxury rubber clamshell case
    with metal plate tip-on
  • ISBN: 9781649800657
  • 8,999kg

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