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Innocence and serenity - distinctive creation of lovely fresh lily of the valley, rose, carnation and jasmine with a natural top note of bergamot, citrus accents, cassis, grapefruit and galbanum. The composition is based on a sensual and pronounced white musk note in combination with a noble base of sweet sandalwood, tonka, vanilla and cinnamon bark.

LINARI-FENICE scented candle 190 g
The innovatively decorated candle glass in a luxurious, puristic design was coated on the inside in two colors in a complex process. Viewed from the outside, it has a high-gloss silver finish, which brings out the best in contrast with the light-reflecting glass base. From the inside, the glass has a mystical black color. The candle jar lid is coated with deep black velvet and features a silver-colored embossing of the LINARI logo. This can be used decoratively as a coaster for all LINARI candles and diffusers. The LINARI scented candles are hand-poured by one of the most renowned candle manufacturers. The use of high-quality wax leads to an extraordinarily rapid spread of the fragrance in the room, since the surface wax melts early. The patented MaxEssence® fragrance system used is characterized by a particularly high concentration of fragrances, which results in a particularly intensive fragrance development in the solid and molten state of the wax. Burn time up to 45 hours.

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