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Balance and devotion - as beguilingly fresh as a radiant summer meadow, accords of ripe lemons combine with lush green nuances to create an unmistakably light breeze, which is sensually enveloped by delicate amber and musk notes in the base.

ESTATE scented candle 1000 g VISIONE 17 with 4 cotton wicks
The innovatively decorated, 17 cm high candle glass in a luxuriously puristic design was semi-transparently mirrored on the inside in a complex process. The color of the candle glass harmonises with the black decor of the candle lid as well as with the high-quality laminated label and the natural-colored scented wax. Viewed from the outside, the candle glass has a high-gloss silver appearance, which means that the light-reflecting glass base is particularly rich in contrast. If the four cotton wicks burn in the dark, they appear through the semi-transparent coating of the candle glass and light up the room. The LINARI scented candles are hand-poured by one of the most renowned candle manufacturers. The use of the 4 innovative, wax-coated cotton wicks leads to an extremely fast spread of the fragrance in the room, as the wax on the surface begins to melt early. The patented MaxEssence® fragrance system is characterized by a particularly high concentration of fragrances, which results in an extremely intensive fragrance development. Burn time: up to 110 hours.

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