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Impressiveness and spiciness - strong Christmassy notes of Italian almonds and juicy oranges are caressed by fine aldehyde accords. A bouquet of aromatic carnations, fresh lilac, jasmine and freesia forms the spicy floral heart note. The finest Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of white musk harmoniously round off the base to create a Christmassy dream.

NATALE scented candle 1000 g VISIONE 17 with 4 cotton wicks
The NATALE Christmas scented candle VISIONE 17 impresses with its puristic beauty and velvety, cuddly surface. The high-quality, 17 cm high candle glass is covered with fine, black-brown velvet, which harmonises with the gold-colored laminate label and the black scented wax. The velvety surface of the candle glass elegantly symbolizes the interface between space and fragrance. The LINARI scented candles are hand-poured by one of the most renowned candle manufacturers. The use of the 4 innovative, wax-coated cotton wicks leads to an extremely fast spread of the fragrance in the room, as the wax on the surface begins to melt early. The patented MaxEssence® fragrance system is characterized by a particularly high concentration of fragrances, which results in an extremely intensive fragrance development. Burn time: up to 110 hours. LINARI-NATALE is only offered from the beginning of November to the end of December.

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