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Pleasure and sophistication - the aromatic freshness of bergamot, together with the finely tuned warm spice notes of lavender, sage and Ceylon cardamom, form an elegant and expressively modern fragrance structure. The interplay of light floral scents is accentuated with soft rosewood. A rich accord of warm musk notes and powdery tonka emphasize the mysteriously flattering sensuality of the composition.

LINARI-ONICE scented candle 190 g
The scented candle impresses with its purism and its cuddly feel. The high-quality candle glass is covered with the finest, mystical black velvet. In contrast to the velvety surface, the solid candle glass lid is mystical black and features a silver-colored LINARI embossing. This can be used decoratively as a coaster for all LINARI candles and diffusers. The use of velvet, a material that is otherwise predominantly used in the interior area, elegantly symbolizes the interface between space and fragrance. The LINARI scented candles are hand-poured by one of the most renowned candle manufacturers. The use of high-quality wax leads to an extraordinarily rapid spread of the fragrance in the room, since the surface wax melts early. The patented MaxEssence® fragrance system used is characterized by a particularly high concentration of fragrances, which results in a particularly intensive fragrance development in the solid and melted state of the wax. Burn time up to 45 hours.

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