Linari - Room Spray Opals

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Depth and intoxication - a lush, fruity bouquet of fresh lime, Asian mandarin, tangy lemon and cassis is accompanied by an olfactory firework of green tea leaves, fig milk, nutmeg and jasmine. The base is intoxicating with tonka and a spicy interplay of sandalwood and cedar wood, warm notes of musk and guaiac resin.

LINARI-OPALE room spray 100 ml
The breathtaking flacon impresses with its fine glass structure of three-dimensional squares with large corner radii, which reflect the light in all directions like on the polished facets of a diamond and create a radiant shine - a very special eye-catcher. The magic of LINARI-OPALE shines in a high-gloss gold-colored flacon. In contrast to the high-gloss glass surface is the puristic lid made of solid maple wood, coated with deep black velvet, as well as the exquisite, black velvet label with fine gold-colored glossy embossing.

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