Massimo Copenhagen - Carpet Hemp Nougat Rose by Tanja Kirst

size: 200×300cm
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Tanja Kirst's Hemp Collection is handwoven from Italian hemp yarn. Each thread consists of 50 thin threads spun together and dyed in organic dye. The collection is part of an ongoing project investigating how the well-known hemp plant can be transformed into durable and sustainable woven textiles. The fact that hemp requires little water, can be grown without fertilizers, improves soil structure and adds nutrients as it grows - makes the hemp plant important to the goal of more sustainable textile production. Handwoven in a flat weave construction with a color and weft effect.

Underfloor carpet is included.
Suitable for domestic and commercial use.

high quality
Yarn made from 100% hemp

Available variants
nougat rose

Available sizes

Production Method: Handwoven pile height
: N / A
Weight: 3.0kg/m2
Size variation: +/-3%
Flame retardant treatment: treatment with FLOVAN CGN-01
possible Protection: Scotchgard treatment and moth protection possible
Guarantee: 2 years

care one
professional cleaning is recommended. Never clean with chemicals!
Daily cleaning: Use the vacuum cleaner without a brush - often when the carpet is new as it will produce lint for a while. Vacuum in the direction of the stack. It's a good idea to turn the carpet twice a year to avoid uneven wear, and e.g. B. Putting felt under the feet of heavy furniture that sits on the carpet. Note that the colors may fade if the rug is exposed to strong sunlight for a long time. Stains on the back of the rug can occur, so it is recommended that a rug pad be used on delicate surfaces. Please contact your local dealer for further advice.

Light fastness: ISO 105-B02 - Class 5
Flammability: 16CFR 1630 (FF-1-70)
Production: SA 8000

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