Moonwatch Only The Ultimate OMEGA Speedmaster Guide Book

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The third edition of this authoritative and popular book celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster

Now includes 17 new Speedmasters and an additional 120 new illustrations

Updated models, series range and popularity index make this a must have for collectors

"Moonwatch Only is surely one of the finest books ever written on a single watch model." - William Massena -

"It's an incredible reference book and a real must-have for any Speedmaster collector." - Forbes

“This book sets new standards. Not just for books about the Omega Speedmaster, but for watch books in general. I've never seen anything like it and believe me when I tell you I could fill an impressively large wall with books about clocks. Authors from other books or publishers should also look at Moonwatch Only to see how it should be done.” Robert Jan Broer – FratelloWatches

"The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional - the Moonwatch - has done things no other timepiece has done and it has been worn where few people have gone." - Captain Eugene Cernan , 'Last Man on the Moon'

There are very few timepieces in the world that deserve a definitive and comprehensive book like this one. The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is one of them. Originally developed for automobile racing teams and engineers, the Omega Speedmaster took a very different trajectory when NASA selected it to accompany astronauts on their way to the moon in 1965. Their involvement in the space adventure has catapulted the Moonwatch to the top of the list of acclaimed watches.

After years of research and observation, the authors present a complete panorama of the Moonwatch in a systematic work that is both technical and attractive, making it the essential reference work for this iconic watch.

This third edition has been enriched with numerous new features, including a 16-page gallery of astronauts and their Speedmasters, QR codes to expand your exploration, and a detailed history of a historic Speedmaster.


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